MSB Design


Aaron Marcus & Associates, Inc.
Levanta: Virtual Server Creation and Management Software, 2-5/2005
Camstar: Operations Software Interface, 6-7 and 10-11/98
Pivotal: Database Management Software Interface, 10/98
Compuserve: Integrated Message Management System, 10/97
UMI (University Microfilm International): ProQuest Direct, 4-5/95
Oracle: Performance Support Tool for Oracle Forms and Reports, 10/94 - 1/95
Williams Sonoma, Inc.
Williams Sonoma, Inc.: Use Case editing, Usability Testing - script writing, test moderating, results analysis and reporting, 7-12 2004
Air Brokers International, Inc.
Air Brokers International, Inc.: Web Site Design, Content Management Application, Online Marketing Campaign, 1998 - ongoing
Alternative Mortgage Sources
Alternative Mortgage Sources: Web Site Redesign, Sept. - Dec. 2003
Calico Technology, Inc.
Calico Technology: Ecommerce Web Site Interface, 3/99
Thomson World Class Learning
Thomson World Class Learning: Web Site Interface, 12/98
Ikonic Interactive, Inc.
(acquired by US/Web, then marchFIRST)
Providian Bank: Web Site IA, 6-7/98
3Com: Concert Interface for 56K Modem, 11/97 - 3/98
Lockheed Martin Telecommunications: Web Site IA, 12/97 - 2/98
SoftwareBank Inc.: CodeBank Logo for Online Service, 4-5/96
Sun Microsystems: Sun Netra Internet Server CD-ROM, 7/95
Time Warner Cable: Interactive Prototype for Online Product, 9-10/94
Zelos/Inc. Magazine: Business CD-ROM Title for Mac and Windows, 4-7/94
NEC: NEC MultiSpin/MultiSync Demo CD-ROM project, 9-11/93
International Interactive Communications Society
IICS: San Francisco Chapter, Web Site, 9/97
IICS-SF Gallery: Featured Artist
Financial Proformas, Inc., A Moody's Company
Now called: Moody's Risk Management Services
FPI: Accelerate! Software, 9/97
FPI: Accelerate! Decisions Software, 8/97
FPI: Performance Support Tools for WinFAST, 8-10/95 and 1-3/96
Addison Wesley Longman
Addison Wesley Longman: Microbiology: An Introduction, Web Site, 7/97
Addison Wesley Longman: Biology: Concepts and Connections, Web Site, 7-11/96
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Asian Art Museum: "Exploring Ganesha: the elephant headed god", 5-6/97
CD-ROM Prototype for Experience India Resource Room in Museum
Gap, Inc
Gap, Inc.: BabyGap Web Site, 5-6/97
Apple Computer, Inc.
Apple Computer: Mac Operating System Tutorial, 1-5/97
Symantec Corporation
Symantec Corporation: ACT! 3.0 Contact Management Software, 9-10/96
Red Dot Interactive
(acquired by THINK New Ideas, now Answer Think)
Official Airline Guides: FlightDisk Demo, 3-6/95
Sprint: Various Interactive Multimedia Projects, 11/92 - 3/95
FHP (Family Health Planning): Interactive Speaker Support Presentation, 2/95
Scholastic and Discover Card: "Your Band Your Plan", 3-6/94
Sonoma County Wineries: Interactive Kiosk, Regional Map Printout, 1-2/93
The HyperMedia Group
(acquired by Wilson Learning)
Octel: "Overload" Maintenance and Training CD-ROM, 5-6/95
Sun Microsystems: SPARCstation 10 Interactive Product Rollout, 5-6/92
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